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About Candice Brown, RN, BS, CCM

You want to feel confident that the certified geriatric care specialist you have chosen will meet the needs of your loved one with compassion and knowledge of his or her special requirements and situation. I understand your concerns, and with my background, education and experience, I can provide the reassurance you need and the assistance your loved one requires.

An experienced patient advocate

A licensed registered nurse since 1983, I have extensive experience as a Medicare home health care RN, which sharpened my assessment skills, enabling me to identify the needs of the elderly, and order therapies, nursing care, medical equipment and other cost saving services that they require. Over the years, I have developed a deep understanding of their unique needs: physical, mental, medical, emotional, nutritional, legal and social.

My specialized medical training, experience in navigating the health insurance and Medicare/Medicaid system, understanding of the “Patient’s Bill Of Rights” and knowledge of the intimate daily workings of institutional living enables me to be a successful advocate for the elderly. I provide comprehensive case management services they need to ensure their safety and well-being in the home or wherever they choose to live.

My medical background enables me to read and understand the complex medical jargon commonly found on hospital charts, interact with medical professionals and successfully advocate for clients, whether they are in a medical facility or at a physician’s office.

A compassionate family support

I am equally aware of the concerns of their family members — many of whom are unable to provide their elderly relative with direct care or supervision due to other demands or geographic restrictions but who still want the best for them in terms of safety, health and overall quality of life. Intimately aware of the learning curve that families new to caregiving experience, I can offer explanations, listening, and counseling.

An expert in elderly issues

I specialize in patients with dementia/Alzheimer’s and/or complex medical conditions, and have studied extensively the progression and care of dementia clients and can advise families on the safety, medications, housing choices, legal and financial options of their loved ones.
My additional training includes numerous continuing education classes, covering topics such as those on chronic disease management, drug interactions and dementia, and aging in place. I continually attend numerous Alzheimer’s/dementia, Parkinson’s disease and geriatric medical conferences, to keep abreast of the latest developments in the treatment and care of patients with these diseases.
My previous positions include director of nursing for over 10 years, owner/manager of a home health care agency/care management company for 10 years and case management consultant for two large long-term care insurance companies, both in Florida.

A board-certified Case Manager

I am a national board-certified Case Manager (CCM) — a designation requiring years of knowledge in the entire eldercare field, a thorough background check of my degrees and work experience, a criminal background check, and a four-hour board certified exam testing my experience and knowledge. Currently, there are only a few care/case managers in the country that have earned the board-certified designation. I’m a full member of both the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers and the Case Management Society of America.

I founded Brown’s RN’s and Geriatric Care Managers, Inc. in 2006 to assist both the elderly and their family members, using my training, expertise and experience to help them as they travel through this last stage of their life journey. My company offers a comprehensive range of services to address the myriad needs of its clientele, including a detailed Geriatric Assessment, Medical Coordination and Medical Advocacy along with other assistance on an as-needed basis. (See Our Services for more information.)

For those loved ones who can no longer adequately care for themselves and those family members who are concerned about their loved ones’ quality of life, Brown’s RN’s and Geriatric Care Managers, Inc. provides a compassionate and comprehensive solution.

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