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Are you in need of assistance and advice regarding your health, welfare or living arrangements? Or do you have an elderly loved one who can no longer adequately care for his or herself?

If you are concerned about your quality of life — or that of a loved one — and are unsure what kind of help is available, Brown’s RN’s and Geriatric Care Managers, Inc. can provide the right solutions to address your needs.

Our comprehensive range of services cover every aspect of elderly life, from addressing medical, physical and psychological needs to providing expert advocacy and coordination with other service professionals and healthcare providers.

We begin with a comprehensive Geriatric Assessment to identify the client’s needs and issues.

We then share our findings with the client and family members, and together develop a care plan, which can include medical coordination, medical advocacy, coordination with other service providers, assistance with navigating health insurance and Medicare system. If necessary, we can also help clients and family members evaluate assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

Finally, we implement the plan and monitor the client’s progress and status, addressing needs and issues as they arise.

We work with and for our clients, using our deep understanding of their unique needs to ensure they receive the compassionate quality care they deserve, whether they are in their own home, in the hospital or living in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Our goal is to keep our clients safe and healthy in the environment of their choosing.

The following sections describe our services, which are tailored to meet the each client’s individual requirements, desires and goals.

Geriatric Assessment Service

Family members struggling to care for an elder relative long-distance are at unique disadvantage, since their inability see firsthand what is happening hampers effective decision-making. Family members living in close proximity to the elderly loved one can also find it challenging to make decisions regarding appropriate living arrangements, medical treatment options or financial planning.

In both cases, neither the relatives nor the elderly relatives possess the knowledge, background and critical objectivity to evaluate the current situation and determine appropriate alternatives.

A Geriatric Assessment by our professionally trained and certified geriatric care manager serves as the first step in developing a plan of action that keeps loved ones safe, secure and independent as possible. During the onsite evaluation (either in the client’s home, hospital, or where he/she is currently residing), our care manager conducts a thorough evaluation encompassing

  • health and medical status, nutritional assessments
  • functional abilities: paying bills, bathing, dressing, transferring, walking, driving, shopping, cooking, swallowing, vision, hearing, etc.
  • adherence to medications and doctors’ orders
  • general safety of the living situation
  • cognitive capabilities and impairments, memory loss, and emotional well-being
  • socialization and utilization of community services
  • legal and financial status (including documents such as Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Surrogates and Living Will as well as estate planning and trust arrangements.)

The results, prioritized by the most pressing concerns, help determine the client’s current strengths and weaknesses, and form the basis for an individualized Care Plan.

Care Plan Development

Following the Geriatric Assessment, our certified geriatric care manager will develop an individualized Care Plan, based on identifying the most immediate needs, short-term and long-term needs. This plan will include (but is not be limited to) medical care coordination, community referrals for home health aides, companions, transportation, counseling, and meals. If needed, we can help with assisted living or nursing home placement as well as senior entitlements (Medicaid, Veterans benefits) and other medical and social services.

We then present the plan to the family and client, and together determine how to best ensure the client’s safety and overall quality of life.

Care Management Services

Our Care Management Services include Medical Coordination, Medical Advocacy and Coordination with agencies and organizations as well as other types of Specialized Assistance depending on the client’s specific needs and requirements.

Medical Coordination: Medical coordination involves the following services:

  • Reviewing and managing compliance with medication and at-home disease self-monitoring (such as blood sugar or blood pressure testing).
  • Assessing client’s overall health conditions and disease management, alerting family members and healthcare providers of any issues, complications or adverse drug or treatment reactions.
  • Weekly or as needed monitoring of client’s progress, and communicating status and concerns with all parties involved.
  • Assisting with transition from hospital to home or health facility, or from home to retirement community, assisted living facility (ALF) or nursing home, along with evaluating specific facilities, upon request
  • Screening, arranging, and supervising in-home help or other services
  • Offering counseling and crisis intervention to clients and family members.

Medical Advocacy: Medical advocacy involves acting as a liaison and advocate between families and healthcare providers by providing services such as

  • Accompanying clients to healthcare appointments and treatments, and educating them and their family members regarding proposed procedures and options.
  • Reviewing client’s medical records, and explaining test results, proposed treatments and other information to the client and family members in clear, non-medical terms.
  • Identifying health specialists to address specific health issues, obtaining any needed referrals from primary care physicians to meet health insurance/Medicare/Medicare requirements.
  • Reviewing financial or legal issues and offer referrals to appropriate resources to avoid future financial or legal concerns and to conserve assets
  • Coordinating with healthcare service providers regarding prescriptions, treatments, outpatient therapies or other care modalities.
  • Supervising home health or nursing services to ensure protocols are being followed.
  • Providing weekly or more visits to patients in their homes, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers or assisted living facilities to ensure that client’s needs (physical, mental and emotional) are being met, and ensuring that any lack or lapses are addressed before becoming critical issues.
  • Advocating, counseling, educating, and guiding clients and family members through the long-term impact, cost and emotional burden of chronic illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, Parkinson’s, cardiac disease diabetes, depression, multiple medical diagnoses and functional decline.

Coordination with agencies and organizations: In addition to coordinating with healthcare providers, we also provide information on community, local, state and national resources and agencies. See our Resources page for more information and links.

Specialized Assistance

Health Insurance, Medicare/Medicaid

Navigating the health insurance and Medicare/Medicaid systems, with their complex requirements, number of forms and confusing terminology, can be overwhelming for most people. We have extensive experience and background in this area, and can ensure that clients and their families understand:

  • What the rules are regarding assets and Medicare/Medicaid/VA benefits
  • What benefits clients are entitled to
  • How to apply for additional benefits such as those available to military veterans
  • How to read an EOB (Explanation of Benefits)
  • When to request a medical bill review
  • How to obtain referrals from HMO Medicare providers
  • How to plan for long-term care

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