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To truly appreciate how valuable Candice Brown has been to our family, we need to tell you a story.
My 79-year old father tragically lost his wife right after Christmas last year. Suffering from severe back pain, among other elderly ailments, he not only lost his best friend, but also, the person who cared for him.
For the first time in years, my dad was alone. With two daughters in CA, and one in NY, it was urgent to find him local trustworthy help and fast. We were referred to Candice Brown through Seniority Matters, and after several long distance conference calls with her, we knew we were in good hands. Candice found us an agency who has supplied my dad with 24/7 home health aid care. She recommended everything from walkers to special back chairs to identity theft enforcement to alarms that alert caregivers to falls. As a geriatric nurse and social worker, Candice visits/examines my Dad every other Monday, monitoring both his physical and emotional well being. In addition to being our eyes and ears, Candice has become Dad’s friend. And through her supervision, Dad has transformed – he’s a different man from the one she met a year ago – much stronger in body, mind and spirit. And for this, we are eternally grateful. Last month, we celebrated his 80th birthday and invited Candice to the family party. Of course, she fit right in.

Amy Gould, Long Island, NY, Laurie Kappe, Oakland, CA & Cathy Rath, Oakland, CA
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“Candice, You have been a lifesaver to our family. Trying to help our aunt from long distance has many disadvantages but you have been there for her every step of the way and given her and us a great comfort in our lives. I think the only person she will truly miss in Florida is you. Thank you so much.”
Katy Leech, Augusta, GA

“Candice Brown was the geriatric counselor I worked with while taking care of my elderly parents over the course of approximately five years. She was my ‘rock,’ my friend, my advisor, and my counselor. I had a mother with physical health problems and a father with dementia, and the situation was quite stressful. Candice was always there when I needed to talk, discuss medical problems, communicate with doctors, make changes in their living conditions, and work with agencies and aides. She became a ‘sister’ to me and a ‘daughter’ to my parents. I was able to go out of town with complete comfort knowing that she was available for emergencies and problems should they arise during my absence.

My mother passed away at age 86, but I had the comfort and the knowledge that I had done everything I could for her with Candice’s assistance. Candice helped me find a new home for my Dad — a wonderful assisted living facility for people with dementia — and he passed away at age 90, three years after my mother. Candice was with me when I had to make the final decision to put him in Hospice care and he passed away peacefully. Having a geriatric counselor such as Candice Brown made this part of the life cycle — becoming the ‘parent’ to my parents — something I could deal with and understand. Anyone who uses her services will understand how important it is to have a ‘professional’ to lean on during this part of life.”
Anne Michaelson, Boca Raton and Delray Beach, FL

“Candice has been a godsend for our Dad.”
Cathy R., San Francisco, CA

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